Monday, August 11, 2008

The power of silence-Part 6

In my guided meditation, Celebration of Silence, I incorporated a lot of true sounds from nature to enhance your meditation experience. The whole exercise is about you making an imaginary expedition to a wooden cabin in the middle of a jungle. I have tried this meditation many times and I find it immensely useful in my manifestation practices. If you have not listened to it before, I strongly suggest that you give it a whirl.

When we are silent, we appreciate more. In an earlier episode, we saw that appreciation is the key to fulfillment. When we become silent, everything slows down – our heartbeat, our thoughts, our breathing.

We attain more clarity of mind. We find it easier to focus on the beauty and goodness around us. We stop depreciating, if only for a moment and see that we have already attained marvelous success in attracting to us many things we once craved for. We notice that that the bookshelf in our personal library houses many unread books that we once longed to possess.

We pull out one of them and read the words very slowly as if we had all the time in the world, relishing the sound and senses of the words. As we slow down, we might notice that the persistent feeling of emptiness, which always gnaws relentlessly at our hearts, has vanished and a growing sense of divine satisfaction and calmness has taken its place. This feeling of peace might crowd out all feelings of boredom and disease from the mind.

Those men who strive to be the alpha male seem to be drawn to the notion that every act of lovemaking is a conquest. In this picture, the focal point is the climax or the discharge or release of the tension and agony that was building up inside. At times the focal point might be the compliment that can be earned by discussing the details and boasting of the physical prowess that easily subdued the weaker partner. Such a discussion very easily degenerates into another exercise of seeking approval and acceptance. The number and the speed become more important than the joy or appreciation of the intimacy.


This is the sixth part of a series of articles on the power of silence written by Pramod K Uday. He is a leading news paper columnist in India.

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