Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just who are you?

So, you thought you live naturally just because you live surrounded by nature? The other day, what started like an innocuous conversation on human character developed into a deep spiritual topic but ended not on a pleasant note.

I am a firm believer of possessing no identity. But we all know how people label themselves based on their education, achievements, possessions, financial status, social standing, friends and emotional maturity.

Yes, there are more to the list but the idea is conveyed-right?

If one care to examine all their so called possessions and re-examine them after years, they will realize that they would now possess new things that would cause them to name a different label.
What happened to the previous label/identity?

We all pick up moral, ethical and social values along the trail of our life, keep changing them (well almost) as we pick up more so called knowledge, observe the world events, read news junks-all these build up our so called character.

But we are not born with none of them. Nothing of our present day character or nature is really natural.

We are by nature, loving unconditionally and forgiving everyone and everything. Yes, our true nature is God like!

Realize this, acknowledge it and you will never hurt anyone hereafter and you will lead a life absolute peace and bliss. Your face will shine literally because of your inner calmness.
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