Friday, May 09, 2008

The Power of silence-Part 2

When there is an issue in our relationships, we encourage each other to talk about it. We take care to plead our innocence, to argue, to coax, to use the most effective words, even to not mince our words. Sri Sri Ravishanker, the exponent of The Art of Living, points out that silence can be a better tool in defusing the tension. Our silence can scream our innocence. By just being silent, we can communicate trust and love.

When we are silent, we think clearly and the strong volatile emotions might drain away making way for peace. We are able to see the situation in a better way. Very often, that itself resolves the issue. Many couples report that they communicate better and touch each others souls by being silent.

Many achieve greater intimacy through silence. You just sit in your favorite room with your beloved. You are in no hurry to rush to that posh hotel or to reserve your seats for that show or movie. You both sit down comfortably. You may be sitting in two different corners of the room and might be involved in different activities. But still you might feel an uncanny sense of connection and romantic intimacy.

You may also use such rare moments of silence to touch and really feel the warm skin of your lover’s palms, the softness of their cheeks and earlobes and the smoothness and thickness of the soles of their feet.

In his ground breaking booklet and CD, Getting in the Gap ; Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation, Dr. Wayne Dyer introduces a new technique of meditation in which we become aware of the fact that there is a silent space between our thoughts. It has been said that we all have 60,000 separate thoughts everyday. There is this constant ceaseless turbulent chatter that always goes on in our minds.

I will tell you more revealing things about the gaps between thoughts and from where these thoughts arise in the next part.

This is the second part of a series of articles on the power of silence written by Pramod K Uday. He is a leading news paper columnist in India.

Read the first part here: Power of silence-part 1.

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