Monday, May 12, 2008

When you set an intention...

Shall we say we spend 75% of the waking hour in thinking?

Ok, fine. If we care to analyze on what we have been thinking, shall we say 90% of the thoughts focused on what had happened in the past and what might be done in the future?


But to what purpose apart from wasting the extremely precious thought energy? Have we entertained ourselves by all those thoughts? Have all those mind projections gave us a joyous feeling? I men, have you felt happy while thinking?

Do I have a viable solution?
You bet I have.

I will straight away come to the practicalities.

Let us assume that it is 8.10 AM. You are starting out to your office. You have in mind to catch the 8.40 AM local. You have 30 minutes to reach the railway station either by walk or by other means of local transportation.

Do you mean to say that this entire 30 minutes was spent on thinking about what you are going to that day?

For most of the people, the first thoughts will be on whether they will be able to catch the 8.40 AM local and for this they would mentally work out about 100 different reasons as to why they may not be able to make it on time.

Instead, just state an intention: " I am going to have a fun ride today in the train and start the process of life forces. Immediately you set the cosmic forces to bring it to you and you to it.

This is not some mystic theory but this is how Universe works.

All you have to do to get what you want is to intend for it and the next moment, you let go and let God.

Can you spoil it? Yes of course by entertaining doubts and putting forth a question, "How". In this 'How', you have showed that you have no faith and trust in the universal forces and all you trust is your own knowledge gained thus far.
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