Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Squadra Lady Duetto from Jaeger Lecoultre.

My son has eight watches and the fact is that he did not buy a single one. All were presented to him for his coaching services to his class mates. He is somehow good at teaching. May be he takes after me?

Out of those eight watches, one is a jaeger lecoultre watch, the most beautiful and a valuable possession really. It is a rare Swiss watch that is not always available in India. I think there are few dealers for jaeger lecoultre because of few takers.

My son offered it to me once on a special occasion but I declined his generosity. It will look very odd on my lean wrist. He then shopped around for something that is specially made for ladies. He found out Vialuxe.com that sold Reverso Squadra timepieces exclusively for the ladies.

He liked the Squadra Lady Duetto more than the Squadra Lady Automatic watch because it allowed one to choose between two distinctly elegant "faces".

When he invited me to view it online, I was impressed but the cost was a little too much for my student son.

However, my son bookmarked Viluxe.com and vowed to visit again when he gets his first salary.

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