Monday, May 05, 2008

The warehouse of thoughts.

Sometime back (I don't remember when), I stored an article on the power of thoughts in my desk top. It has been lying there unnoticed till now. It now beckoned me to read it and here I am writing a blog post based on it.

Have we ever wondered where were the thoughts before they entered our head? And what happens to them once they leave our mind?

Every thought that comes into our head comes from the warehouse of all thoughts- the universal mind. When we are done with a thought it goes back out to the universal mind that is the storage and distribution center of every thought that exists.

So, what does this theory imply?

Every thought that has ever been thought is available to you. When you think up an original thought, it is actually a thought already in existence that you have put your unique perspective on. That thought leaves your arena of thinking and joins the data bank of all thought, the universal mind.

How do we use them productively?
That is very simple really; just pay attention on thoughts that give us a joyful emotion. That is enough to manifest them in our life experience.

Just think about this ability that we possess and use daily.

Do you appreciate this amazing resource you tap into during almost every waking moment of your life? Are you conscious of this storehouse of knowledge that you can access on a moment's notice? And here's the great part of this equation. This ability you possess requires no effort on your part to manifest it.

But you must be conscious of what you are thinking. Otherwise, the 60,000 thoughts that come into our head daily gets no attention and disintegrate and also pollute the warehouse of thoughts. And they again enter the heads of others-the unconscious thinkers called sleep walker.

Do you realize your responsibility now? Yes, you and I play a big role in the shaping up of the planet earth.

Do you know that some of the thoughts that come to us have passed through people like Hitler, Genghis Kahn and Mussolini, as well as Einstein, Jesus and Plato.

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ahmad baari, c.p.t. said...

i agree. i'm reading a very good book now called the holographic universe. the power of thought has amazing effects on the nanoscopic world....

great blog/post.

ahmad baari, c.p.t.