Monday, August 04, 2008

If wealth is not money...?

We have all heard the oft repeated cliché, "Money is not everything". Surely, we would have also dismissed the idea as something absurd.

A couple of times, I confronted the persons who said that cliché, why he said it? Because I always held the idea that wealth is more than money, I was curious to know what the premise was on which it is said that money is not everything.

No, none convinced me that they said it with some conviction. Yes, I agree that wealth is not money, although having some money is part of having wealth.

Then what is wealth? What is wealth consciousness? Is wealth consciousness is a mindset?

Let us all not forget one thing when speaking about consciousness and mind. Both are definitely not the same.

Ok, move on to WC (wealth consciousness) which literally means to be conscious of wealth. For example, when you are walking in a thick forest with the sole aim watching rare birds, you consciousness will be filled with that only-the birds and you may even not notice a lion if it crosses your path.

Like that, being WC means your consciousness is filled with wealth and abundance and not the lack of it.

Here is an article on WC that I feel will be a useful read to all.

Attract abundance, conscious living

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Evelyn Lim said...

Thank you so much for linking to my site. will be nice if more people get to know what it really means to be wealth conscious!