Friday, August 01, 2008

A purposeful misery.

It never occurred to me that I am not devoting enough time to pass on what I learn in the realm of spiritual development. I know the allegations are misperceived but I am not going to do anything about it.

I know I am on the path shown to me by God and I am sure that path cannot be wrong. But I must confess on one thing. My life perception is changed totally and that is the design of God.

Let me tell you an incident that made me change my perception of the purpose of birth and life after birth.

I met a friend of mine after 25 years. During all these years, there has been no contact at all. He now has a daughter aged 21 but unfortunately her brain did not develop fully since birth. And she is suffering from heart ailments too.

I told my friend that there is a purpose for all this. He might not have been a compassionate person in his previous birth and now he is given the opportunity to shower love unconditionally.

Just then, another friend, who was also present gave another angle to the whole picture. He told us that this could be the other way around too. He went on to explain that the girl would have missed love altogether in her previous birth and now she is given an opportunity to experience unconditional love.

This wonderful thinking hit me hard and square. I appreciated his knowledge sincerely and I thanked him too to have opened up me.
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