Thursday, February 21, 2008

Give peace a chance.

One of earlier posts on Lucid Dreaming titled "Don't waste your dreams" has received a valuable feedback from Dr.Joseph Bernard, PhD. Read his comments at the end of the above mentioned blog post. He is the webmaster of Peace Together and he also authors a blog called

At his website, there are several products promoting peace and the first logo I saw there, bore these words, "Give Peace a Chance". I liked it very much and made it a title for this blog post.

What a coincidence! Only yesterday, I was reading about peace in a book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I quote:
"Thy peace is the essence of our universe. It is God at work. There is no anger, fear, greed, malice at peace. When you are an Instrument of peace, you are not seeking anything;you become a peace provider".

The Explore Life Blog contains links to some free e-books. I downloaded one called 'Guide to Inner Peace". I am yet to read it.
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