Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't waste your dreams!

Dream-man's fascination since the day he started dreaming and remembered a bit of his dream when he woke up, is still burning.

Lucid dreaming is about recognizing that you are only dreaming during the act of dreaming itself.

What is the advantage of lucid dreaming?
We can control the dream itself since we clearly realize that we are dreaming. Wouldn't be a fascinating experience?

But what exactly can one gain from learning the art of lucid dreaming?
How do we learn the skill? Is there any book that teaches lucid dreaming?

Yes, there is one called a Lucid Dreaming kit. Its author Bradley Thompson says we all have that skill already; we only need a little guidance. He says one can even chat with Einstein once you learn the technique of lucid dreaming.
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ExploreLifeBlog said...

Stephen Laberge is the recognized expert on lucid dreaming.

There are people who have learned to use their dreams to make daily plans for success. I new a women who planned all of her sales during her dream state.

Dreams are an yet untapped resource available to us.

An excellent writer on understanding your dreams is Gayle Delaney.


Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Malathy said...

Thank you Dr. Joseph for your time and feedback. I will visit the site you recommended and let you know my feedback. If possible, I will blog about it.
Thanks again.