Friday, February 15, 2008

Limitations-just what are they?

"I can go up to $275 for a new cordless telephone but anything beyond it is just not in my limitations".

"To my limited knowledge, I know it can't be true"

I said it. You said it. Who has not? Everybody in this world is capable of measuring their limitations-rather, we all presume that we know our limitations. Do we really?

Definitely not if we care to understand who we really are. Wait, let me quote here a sentence from my best spiritual friend Laurie Benner.
"Do you want to be a Master of Limitations or do you want to master your limitations?"

Isn't it thought provoking? Does it not stop you for a moment and ponder on it before giving your answer?

This is Laurie's answer: "I know am a child of the Universe and as such am not living out my existence in a cardboard box of my own making".

This is a superlative article that I want you to read. If you have something to say, please tell her directly. Her article is titled, "You can Master Your Limitations".

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