Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Manifestation’ techniques that just aren’t GOOD ENOUGH.

 The freely available cosmic forces that beg us to use them:
We are all under assumption that research and development is focused only on gadgets, communication avenues, health and space. There is a silent research going on using cosmic energies to enhance our life style. Probably, this is the only field where we don't have to spend any money and still can improve our living.

*There is no medicines to take leading to harmful side effects.
*There is nothing to spend days to learn anything new.
*There is no back bending exercices
*No meditation
*No special prayers

There is a silent force that is available to all of us and in abundance. We just need to know what exactly this cosmic force can do for us and how to tap it to get whatever we need.

Some of the existing manifestation techniques are improved upon due to research in the behaviour of our brain. Fine tuning the way we think with the help of new tools is the only way to increase the power of law of attraction.

Though positive thinking is the most stressed upon aspect for attracting your desires, we still have not the capacity to try it with sincere effort.

The time has come now for us to discover the BEST possible tool for manifesting what you want in your life.

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Ashish Acharya said...

in nature all attract towards each other.its the rule of the nature.when mind is conscious it can make relevant decision.

Malathy Badri said...

Good understanding of the spiritual laws.