Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Digital drug that keeps you in good mood.

Even a 4 year old kid says it is not in the best of moods. Therefore, from that stage onwards till we lose consciousness just before death, we are gripped by different moods. Yes, we let external forces and conditions to spoil our state of mind.

To change the kids' mood, we divert their attention with toys, candies and pictures. The last mentioned is a sort of digital drug.

Similarly, for grown up people, there are several digital drugs in the form music, pictures and books to bring back their pleasant and friendly mental state.

There is a proven science behind this concept of digital mood enhancers.As we let our emotions to desert us by the influence of external conditions, our brain wave logs onto a different frequency which can be brought back to its true self with the aid digital brainwave entertainment.

Brainwave changers are developed by highly accredited sound engineers; we never have to be afraid of any side ffects.

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