Friday, July 06, 2012

Free MP3 meditation available for multiple benefits.

At the outset, I would like to clear a misconception that the purpose of meditation is to renounce the worldly pleasures. On the contrary, spirituality and materialism actually coexist. There is scientific proof that it is our mental attitude which alone is responsible for our present life style; it only decides what to attract and to what extent.

To put it simply, we all can meditate to achieve a specific goal. Our goals and desires vary on a day to day basis. Similarly, it varies from person to person.
Though meditation is carried out in silence, there are Meditation Talks and Music - Free MP3s available for all sorts of persons and for achieving different purposes.

Some of the benefits and purposes for which people meditate:

·         To calm our mind
·         To increase concentration and focus
·         To get rid of certain mental and physical maladies
·         Career advancements
·         Better martial relationship
·         To motivate self
·         To attract wealth
·         For spiritual awakening

Meditation does not come easily to majority of us. If we have the time and resources to get personal training on meditation from an accredited master, we can learn to meditate in about 3 months. 

Alternatively, by listening to certain frequencies of sound, it is possible to meditate. This method of sound meditation is effective for those who find it difficult to meditate in the traditional method.

I have listened to several music Cds which helped me to uplift my sullen mood and thus calm my doubtful mind. I remember vividly one particular music bit titled, “Dancing with Waves” of Zazen series of sound meditation. Listen to it online free.

Try it now and you find yourself in a state of mental bliss in a few minutes.

Note: Please ensure you are alone and use stereo headphone set.

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