Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thought Field Therapy is a self healing method.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) would work if you believe that when we think, there are certain changes in our body's physiological system. If you don't believe in this very fundamental science, then, you are likely to align yourself with several skeptics who criticize TFT and its inventor Roger Callahan.

Accupuncture and Thought Field Therapy.

One would find some similarities between Acupuncture and Thought Field Therapy as both methods recognize certain points in our body which when tapped would rectify the imbalance which is the prime cause for ailments.

Can you eliminate Phobias by TFT?
I know what you are thinking now. Don't assume that TFT is a cure only for mental imbalances such as panic, anxiety and depression though there are several cases healing of phobias by employing though field therapy.

Human being's most cherished gift is the ability to think but unfortunately, it is also our curse. For example we all want to do away with certain thoughts that don't give us pleasure. However, in the process of eliminating them, we have to think of them again.

Using TFT, we can eliminate such negative thoughts without thinking of them.

Is there a connection between Chakra energy and TFT?
Undoubtedly yes.

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