Friday, June 08, 2012

The simplest law of universe that gets you what you want.

 I should have rather said, "whatever you want than what you want".

This blog post is not based on something that I have read or heard. I am citing my real life experience.

By nature, I never really bothered if I get what I want but that doesn't mean I have no desires. I am a pretty ordinary woman like you with hundreds of silly desires but somehow I found out that they are related to my long term wishes.

I got everything I wanted ever since I married.

* I wanted to excel in Mathematics; I did.
* I wanted to study and earn a few degrees; I hold M.Sc, M.Ed, M.Phil degrees.
* I wanted to teach; I do.
* I wanted a business minded husband; I have.
* I wanted a huge house; I have.
* I wanted a son; I have.
 * I wanted to sleep a lot; I do.
* I wanted to work from home; I work from home now.
* I wanted to go to Himalayas; I went.

No miracle, no prayers, no special meditation made all these possible.

You ask, "THEN HOW?"
Please know that I am not bragging. I sincerely want to share with you the one natural law of Universe.

 " When you want something, but can live by without having it, you have upped the odds of having it". 

This rule works for all dear; no exceptions!
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Remya said...

Very true..but hard to practice at times. :)
Love this blog and the content in it.. Keep writing !!