Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why you are not manifesting through law of attraction?

Law of attraction or any other manifesting methods won't work just by reading e-books. They mostly lack full information and vital clues.

Law of attraction is all about focusing on your desires and practice to bring about a particular mental state where your conscious and subconscious mind
are facing each other at the same time. I mean, both should conform to each other when it comes to manifesting your wish.

We all enter into this state without really knowing we are there. It is at such times, everything seem to work for us mysteriously though there is no mystery.

It is just that you were at total peace and entered the state of super-consciousness which is also called 'raised consciousness'.

Music and meditation are excellent media to enter into super-consciousness. Some people say it is brainwave synchronization. It scares me as it sounds too technical.

I am sure meditation would help anyone to practice super-conscious state. I is long lasting than to listen to alpha or beta or gamma frequency music that forces one to lapse into raised conscious state temporarily.

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