Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Who is the real sculptor of your life?


Let us see how!

We all keep saying certain words or sentences to ourselves repeatedly, several times a day and for several years. If you take notice of it, you would realize (shockingly though) that they are all (well almost) negative in nature.
For examples, it might pertain to negative outcome of an expected event or it would be negative confession that you are not qualified to participate and others would easily beat you and so on.

This is what they call ‘Affirmations’ and we are engraving our subconscious mind to perform according to our affirmations.

If only we learn to convert these saying (affirmations) to positive results and expectation, our life would be of eternal bliss. We have the power of to live like a king or manifest our wildest dreams by learning to affirm scientifically.
Yes, there are certain ways and rules to practice affirmations.

Affirmations once properly uttered become beliefs. We have already formed all our beliefs about health, fear, wealth and poverty though unconsciously affirming negative things.

Even though we engraved our subconscious mind (the real sculptor our life) with negative affirmations, we can erase them and reaffirm it with positive things; after all we are the author of our beliefs-right?

The actual purpose of affirming positive words is to release the negative feelings such as fear, apprehension and worry and to feel better. However, for the affirmations to work you must not only say something which makes you feel better but you have to virtually feel the words.

Here are a few popular affirmations:
•    I am healthy all around
•    I am loved
•    I am peaceful
•    I have money that I give out joyously

Go for it, learn affirmations scientifically.

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