Saturday, May 19, 2012

Understanding the magnet that you are.

Understanding the magnet that you are is not in the grasp of majority of the people though it is very simple to understand. If only it believed and taught in early school levels, the attitude of all of us would make the earth worthy of living.

My previous blog post titled, "Who is the real sculptor..." received a comment from another blogger who blogs about psychic readings. Curious to know about his topics, I visited his blog located at

Ah, another Indian blogger who has similar interests on subjects that include law of attraction, psychic readings, interpretation of moon signs and has a great collection of spiritual articles written by online psychic Sircheo.

Hmmm... I have not heard of him before. (it is my ignorance of course)

Though the content of the Blogger from India have caught my attention from various other sites, I am happy that these life mysteries are favorite of him.

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B said...

Completely agree. Your attitude completely affects the things that are drawn to you.