Friday, May 04, 2012

Darren Wohl MD, Gastroenterologist on Doximity.

I am reminded of painful gallstone removal surgery that my brother underwent when I read the online profile of Darren Wohl MD, a specialist in biliary tract disease. Though gallstone complaints have come down considerably since then, Gastroenterology specialists continue to enjoy good number patients.

Digestive disorders are on the increase and I believe new forms of them are being reported by doctors like Darren Wohl due to invention of new junk foods.

Dr.Darren Wohl‘s profile in the new physicians-only network Doximity would enable gastroenterologists around the world to consult him on rare cases of biliary tract disorders.

Available for free on Web, iPhone and Android, Doximity enables doctors to connect with each other and communicate vital information within an exclusive, private network.
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