Friday, May 04, 2012

How to avoid thinking about negative results?

Negative results-don't they always fill up our thoughts irrespective of our occupation?
We are all obsessed with thinking/expecting/rehearsing negative results. If explored the reasons for this destructive behaviour, I could fill 4 pages in this blog.

So, let me not foray into the reasons and instead share my simple action to avoid this bad habit.

How do you replace negative with positive thinking? Catch yourself when contemplating catastrophic outcome and immediately visualize the image of your favorite God or any image that gives you pleasant memories.

The image of your God is the ultimate positive focus. God is the personification of supreme positive vibration. When you focus your thoughts on such a positive place, there is no room for negativity to enter.

That's it. Just don't create any space in your mind for the destructive thoughts to enter. Fill up your mind with pure positive images, incidents, people and places.

You will see a big change in your life and mood.
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