Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who blocks your spiritual growth?

For majority of the people, irrespective of their spiritual and cultural beliefs, the spiritual truth is elusive. Why it so? Are the dogmas they were taught were insufficient? Or, are the dogmas became redundant in today’s materialistic world?

I pondered hard on this subject but stopped now as I think I realized the true purpose of the birth as per Hindu religious teachings.

You could put forward arguments based on what you heard and read. Your line of question is always, “Why matters of spiritual significance are hard to verify and validate?”

I am sure the answer would be always elusive because the very nature of your question which is you are trying to verify and validate. As long as you are seeking logical explanation on spiritual matters, you would never find the truth.

In spite of man’s unlimited thinking and visualizing potential, it is still bound by certain limitations. Don’t we all say this whenever we are not absolutely sure about something: “As far as my knowledge…”

Our realm of thinking would not lead us to enlightenment. Our efforts such meditation, penance or any such things to find the true meaning of birth, the nature of soul etc won’t reveal us the answers without God’s willingness.

If you ask me how to invoke His willingness, I would say you should be spiritually ready to receive it. God knows when you are ready.

In order to be ready, you should reflect the true nature of your soul in your speech, thoughts and deeds.

What is the true nature of your inner self (soul)?

Unconditional love

Your soul is embedded with Godly qualities of love and forgiveness. That you should exhibit in your thoughts, speech and actions.

Your soul never worries; it is supremely happy always.

Are you?

If you are not, then, you are not ready in God’s mind.

Your soul is an embodiment of blissful knowledge.

Can you claim to possess the ultimate knowledge?

Your soul is covered with your ignorance. That is why you are behaving like an ordinary human being with all his limitations. Unless the ignorance is lifted, you will not be enlightened.

How to lift the veil of ignorance?

Again, by exhibiting the natures of your soul such as unconditional love and forgiveness, you can see for yourself your true nature.

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