Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to instantly release resistance?

Feelings are undoubtedly the accurate indication of what is coming. You put yourself in a state of allowing the flow of life energy when you are in happy frame of mind because at this state of mind, there are no resistance from you. This means, the absence of negative emotions like worry, fear, irksome, anger are not given room to exist when you are happy.

But at times, you would really like to know in which state of mind you are at a time. It happens to all of us. We neither feel happy nor sad. We may neither be positive nor negative. If you are unsure of how you feel, you cannot understand which way your emotions are taking you.

How do you find out your current state of energy?
Even this inert stage is not a good sign. You need to push up your emotions. A good way is to reach for a feeling of relief giving thoughts. This is possible when you release thoughts of resistance. In fact, resistance is immediately released when your thoughts give you a sense of relief from your earlier state of being.

Your mood is always indicating to you what is coming.
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