Thursday, January 12, 2012

How people prove every day?

Do you know that every day, someone in the world?

* Discovered something unique.

* Bought a book that seemed to have disappeared long ago.

* Got wealthier than the day before.

* Found a perfect life partner.

* Landed on an exotic place for the first time.

* Got hired that was day dreamt.

* Was cured of a fatal disease.

And so on.

What message you derived from these?

It means the life of your dreams is certainly possible and people prove that every day.

You might have looked at one of them today or yesterday or a year before but still they had not made any impact on you.

Do you know why?

Because, you were (still are) looking at the wrong direction or were looking only at you.

The decision about what you will become is made each day and every day only by you. To make it possible solely depends on you. You are the only person that can sabotage your dreams and desires.

If you look at the right direction, you join the above list.

First decide what you want to become; what sort of life do you think you would like to lead for the rest of your life. Please be realistic without sounding negative.

Now make a plan of action that would take you towards your destination. Read books on people whom you have admired. Talk to your parents and seek their help. Don’t brush them away as your inferiors. Parents can make things better for you. Just trust them. God trusted them to deliver you.

Now take inspired action. Ideas are just thoughts or words until acted upon. Millions of people have ideas that they consider them as great. People who act on their ideas are the ones who gain the wealth, wealth and wisdom.

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