Monday, December 19, 2011

Why are you still waiting?

I am thinking aloud on the reasons for the difference between people who are getting what they want and those who never get anything.
I would like take my focus away from the first category of people and talk to the second category that comprises most of the mankind who have firmly concluded already that their life is on hold and that is why they are not manifesting anything they want.
On a further analysis of this majority of people, I sense 50% of them lack motivation. They seem to be waiting for something or somebody to place them on the first category of successful people.
Tell me,
· Are you waiting for an angel or someone to come along?
· Are you waiting on a great job to fall into your lap?
· Are you waiting on winning the lottery to plan your retirement?
I would like to cite an example here. One of my very close friends sought my help to start a blog on spirituality. I obliged him, taught him the basics of blogging and helped him to publish his first blog post. This happened in the year 2008. That's it! Not a single word was further added to his blog. He is simply waiting for a cosmic force to reveal divinely the art of blogging.
He is a grand example of people who wait for something to unfold instead of reaching out to pull a string that would unfold the life’s surprises. The only difference between him and the people, who are getting what they want, is that they kept moving and he didn’t.
Stop waiting, move man, move!
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