Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Allow a desire to arrive.

People searching for ways to manifest their desire spiritually are often mistaken about desire and want. A basic want can become a desire only on prolonged thinking about it.

There is a Sanskrit saying: “Yathopasanam, thatha palam”. It means what you focus on would manifest in reality. Look where the modern advocates of “thoughts become things” and “you are what you think” have derived these prophecies.

You may want something now but may not want it the next moment or the next day. Law of Attraction (LOA) won’t work with these conflicting change in wants. Wants are granted by the cosmic force almost immediately but desires take a long time to materialize because, you must keep thinking about what you want dearly for long without changing or swapping for similar things.

Allowing a desire is truly letting the Law of Attraction to work on its own time and terms.

Have you heard of another term for manifesting desires? It is called “Deliberate Creation”.

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