Thursday, December 08, 2011

Useful knowledge of natural aromatic oils.

Wonderful facts of Aromatherapy

A scientist (he claimed he is) wore an absolute of look of scorn when I told him to try out inhaling a certain scent to relieve him from his bronchitis. Here was a man who was simply biased, rather unreasonably opinionated without bothering to check the veracity of the information.

Aromatherapy is scientifically proven alternate healing technique that was passed onto us from our peers. Aromatherapy in its pure form is applied in almost off the houses in India, Australia and Sri Lanka.

Even this scientists must have used Vicks or any such vapor rubs to a get a temporary relief from cold or headache. Only, he conveniently did not term it as an aromatherapy.

If you are an open minded person and would not mind gaining useful knowledge of some of the natural plant oils whose aroma can cure various ailments, please read further:
* Tea tree oil cures several bacterial infections. This is also is said to cure Bronchitis.
* Lavender oil's perfume is said to create a calming effect and thus ideal for patients suffering from depression.
* Chamomile is used to cure headache.
* Eucalyptus-we all know why it is used and have been depending on it for long.
*Rosemary is another good plant oil whose scent can give you relief from stress and headache.

I have once used an aromatic natural oil to treat tick bites!

Well, there are more, much more aromatic natural oils that can be used to treat myriad maladies.

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