Saturday, December 03, 2011

Destiny and its misconceptions.

For a long time, I wanted to think loudly on ‘destiny’ and its misconceptions. It is amusing to note that Destiny takes more blame than anything else in the world.
“Destiny”, perhaps the oft repeated word by everyone who is not living a life they desire, is surely enigma for all of us unless we are sages. 

What does destiny mean? When we utter the word ‘destiny’ which is also referred to as ‘fate’, we imply that something that would happen or had happened inevitably. Destiny also means something which is beyond our control.

Our religions have made us believe strongly that our life events are clearly pre-written by our creator. Modern spiritual speakers argue that we create our own destiny by our thoughts. Those that do not fall into the above two categories, laugh at the word destiny and believers in it.

I am an Hindu. As per my vedic scriptures, our current life is an ultimate product of previous life’s thoughts and deeds which we call it ‘karma’. The good deeds of previous life would mostly decide the good fortunes in the current life. It is widely reported that many westerners who belong to other religions have started the sense in the Hindu religion.

If you are not inclined to any religion but would unconditionally favor logic and science, then you would argue that our life is shaped up by many aspects of our environment, the beliefs with which we grow and attitude towards life and the family background and geographical location.
Living with believing parents would mould your life, even if you start living away from them after 25 years or so, as by that time, your subconscious mind would have recorded all of your earlier beliefs and it would guide accordingly.

Many people say that the college has a great influence in shaping up your beliefs and attitudes. I beg to disagree. While it would make one behave like a rebel or radical for some time, eventually, your deep rooted subconscious mind would make you live your rest of the life as per beliefs recorded in it.

Nevertheless, without exception, in all our lives we would have accepted the existence of destiny. This final acknowledgement of fate happens only when we clearly realize that in spite of our focused efforts, something might go opposite of the expected.

We realize, “Not all are in my control and someone else is sitting at the steering wheel”.

I am sure you would have been at the receiving end of criticism when you declared that fate finalized an event. Though, invariably, it would have made you sad, there are times when we you were happy but definitely not attributed it towards fate.

Therefore, all the events in our life, whether they bring cheers or tears, are destined to happen.
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