Friday, December 23, 2011

How strong your belief should be to attract your desires?

“To change your life, you should change your beliefs”

“You should believe 100% to initiate the law of attraction”

-These are authored by our peers, read by us a thousand times, tried to practice what we believed but are yet to attract our desires-won’t you agree?

Had anyone us questioned the veracity of believing 100% on anything, we would not have been probably tearing our hair apart to get that elusive 100% belief.

Yes, it is not possible to formulate a new belief replacing an existing one and turn it to 100% so that we can manifest what we believed to be possible. The existing belief had taken a deep root in our subconscious mind. It would simply not allow it to be replaced fully?

Does it mean, is it possible to establish a go between-probably a 50% belief? Sure, to be on the safe side, make it 51%.

Don’t ask me if it is enough to get our desires to manifest. It is not enough. We need a 100% belief.

If after all, we can make ourselves to believe in something new to the extent of 51%, surely, we can train our conscious mind to make it 100%-is not possible?

100% possible dear.

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