Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A simple guide to Chi.

Without going too deep into the word 'chi', I can explain it as the life force. In Hinduism, it is called atma. I hope I am not wrong in understanding the Chinese word 'chi'.

Long before the Internet came into being, I have read a few books on 'chi', how it is vital to safeguard it from negative forces and why it is important to practice the art of enhancing the powers of it.

Modern energy healers have brought forward an excellent practical formula after combining the powers of Chakra and Chi. Similar to the Reiki healing that is all bout opening the Chakras to cosmic forces, Chi can be use to relax and balance the chakras.

Today morning, I came across a guide to Chi.
At a customary glance, the guide to Chi offered a lot of promise. I intend to explore it soon.

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