Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Change is Possible-have faith.

The miseries and maladies that we are forced to experience longer than necessary stem from one single fact which we refuse to believe that change is possible. When something bad happens to us, we expect or believe it will last for ever. We resist them.

Remember, when you resist something, you prolong the experience.

All (seemingly) good or bad things happen in our life to teach a lesson. Once you have learnt it, you are ready for a new experience which is again (seemingly) good or bad. This just proves that nothing is constant which alone is a constant.

Changes occur and will always. Trust in this fundamental law of universe and you will lead a blissful life.

Godly qualities:
Godly or divine qualities such as patience, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom, and gratitude don't embrace us in a minute or over night. We are given myriad experiences from which we are expected to gain these qualities.

That is the beauty of human life.
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