Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Changes mean opportunities.

I presume you have read my previous post titled, “Change is possible…”. Now, ask yourself, are you resisting changes in your life? How do you react to a change in your life that is about to take place?

Are you afraid of it or do you welcome it?

If you are not willing to cooperate with a change in life situations, do you know that you may miss out something exciting and refreshing? People who don’t allow themselves the luxury of changes stay where they are. They are literally stunting their own growth.

Yes, change means growth and growth is always for the better-right? Experiences hitherto unknown is certainly rewarding and make you mature. If you don’t embrace changes, it will be an unfulfilled life.

Life will be dull without changes. Imagine your own life where you spend at the bottom of your career while witnessing stupendous growth among your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Remember, changes bring opportunities to explore new vistas, experience blissful relationship and so on.

Your body changes (grows) without your consent. On the other hand, your mental growth purely depends on your volition.

I like this inspiring quote by Milton Berlinger, the American comedy actor:
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

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