Friday, October 21, 2011

How to banish unwanted thoughts?

Most of the time statistics mislead us but they reveal something. We can take it as a base to elaborate further on.

For example, the mental health field says that 3% of us suffer from Unwanted Thoughts. It may be more as the time goes. Before checking the veracity of the figure, let us examine the various natures of ‘unwanted thoughts’.

· Shameful thoughts

· Crazy thoughts.

· Destructive thoughts..

While most these thoughts might have their origin within us, some of them might appear from nowhere. In this blog post, I would like dwell on the thoughts that appear from nowhere which the psychologists call as Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD).

It is a kind of anxiety induced by thoughts which appear to have no connection at all to our daily life routines but still, they are of intrusive nature. These intrusive thoughts fill us with extreme uneasiness which when further analyzed would reveal residual worry or fear.

Symptoms of OCD:

· An urge to oppose anything what we hear or read

· Fear of forgetting something important though actually we have not forgotten such as locking the door

· Unable to spend even for our essential due to fear of going broke

· Unreasonably intolerant towards other religions

An obsession to get rid of these unwanted thoughts would even lead to a sort of temporary insanity.

The other day, I was reading about this particular mental ailment when I stumbled on a solution for this by a leading psychology expert named Bradley Thompson.

He claims that he has found out an effective method of eliminating all Unwanted Thoughts from the source. Asked whether his method would seize recurrence, he assures they never occur again.

Naturally, his method of eliminating unwanted negative thoughts has worldwide attention.

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