Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Can you treat Bulimia with Topamax?

If I am asked the above question, I would blink and blink. I know what Topamax is for but I don’t know what Bulimia is! I was actually asked this question by my sister who is a medical transcriptionist. I thought she knew better.

She agreed but she assumed that I am a better informed person in medico-legal matters as her query centered on Topamax lawsuit that is taking the manufacturers of the drug to the legal court.

Topamax was intended to treat epileptic seizures but slowly it was recommended to treat migraine and then given as a remedy to Bulimia, a sort of eating problem.

Pregnant women who happened to consume Topamax gave birth to children with certain birth defects that devastated them. They were furious and were counseled to take legal action against the manufacturers of Topamax.

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