Thursday, June 09, 2011

Why you should drop your beliefs?

Why do you think trees drop leaves?

Snakes drop skin.

We drop hair.

We cut nails.

We throw away outgrown dresses.

Why, we even do away with painful relationships.

However, why we keep clinging on to beliefs that don’t let us move forward or to experience fresh changes in our life?

Beliefs that don’t serve us anymore, beliefs that don’t bring new meanings in our life, strengthen the existing relationship are to be dumped immediately without any remorse.

New beliefs means:

· New thoughts

· New people into our life

· New jobs

· New place

When you should change your beliefs?

Ask yourself if a certain belief held by you for so long has brought the four new changes mentioned above. You will know what to do.

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1 comment:

Pat and Venecia Rae said...


I totally agree with you about dropping our belief's but sometimes it can be so hard as we have been bought up with these beliefs all our lives. BUT don't get me wrong it is possible with a little bit of work and dedication you can change your negative beliefs in to positive ones and then you can change your life.