Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Want to practice law of attraction?

I have been a Law of Attraction buff for quite a few years now. I remember the days when I started learning the basics.

The first few exercises of law of attraction did not yield any results. I knew I was doing something wrong in manifesting strange but small things like looking at the clock to see a particular time daily, wishing for local train to arrive a minute late and so on.

I looked up in the Internet to identify my mistakes in the LOA exercises. None gave me a clue. In fact, it seemed that I was doing correctly but I was looking in the wrong directions for positive results.

I persisted with my manifestation tests. I changed my wishes to more rare occurrences. For example, I wished all green signals on the way to work. There were 11 signals. LOA smiled on me once.

I was thrilled and naturally elated.

I then tried to guess who the caller was at the door. I missed a few but started guessing right. The trust in my instincts grew stronger.

There were quite few tricks I have learnt on my road to manifesting desires. I learnt of odd places to look for what I wanted to see. I trained to be alert for signs and directions.

Here is what I would tell you to practice:

Trust your first instinct and act on it. It NEVER FAILS.

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