Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Can you give your heart"?-God asks.

God says, "Give Me your heart,not your mind' because he knows that there are enough minds on planet earth."

How do you view this?

Let me dwell on this a little bit. I can clearly feel God's wish and his longing for my heart. A week before, when one of my relatives offered to give me a personal discourse on what and how you should offer to God, I felt a moisture in my eyes not because of his offer but on the matter.

I felt my heart reached out to touch the big heart of God.

Do you know
Gloria Wendroff? She is a former teacher of English and Business Communications and grew up without religion or thoughts about God. Now she is a Godwriter.

Here I quote a piece of news about her from the newsletter that I received from Titus Concept:
She has authored “Love Letters from God, Book One” that is presently published in English, Greek, German, and Romanian, and soon to be published in Turkish. “Give Me your heart, not your mind. There is enough mind in the world, and perhaps not enough heart. In any case, I ask for your heart. I wish to entwine it with Mine.”
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