Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is there a solution from thinking negatively?

Who would you call your worst enemy?

I would point to myself if I am asked. I am the author of my own negative, destructive and unwanted thoughts and they in turn shape up my life.

It is simple as that and applicable to every human being in the world-no exception.

If you care to look for statistics in the Internet, you would read 3% of us suffer from unwanted thoughts.

It is wrong! I would say 99%

We all (the 99% I mean) simply entertain themselves with shameful thoughts and this great exercise (?) is carried out when we physically inactive. Our mind takes that kind of rest. It works 24/7

Where these thoughts have originated from and entered our mind?

Are you made responsible for your thoughts since it is a known scientific fact that we allow thoughts to enter our mind? If so, is someone else thinking for you?

What you have to do when you realize that you’re thinking negatively and self-destructively?

Do you have to suppress them by seeking the help of psychologist or your religious teacher?

Is there a solution from thinking negatively?

Can we plant a switch in our mind to turn it on whenever we rehearse painful and sad outcome and the switch does the rest?

I again ask you, “Do YOU suffer from Unwanted Thoughts?”

Bradley Thomson offers a solution. He says you can learn to control your thoughts.

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Murali Krishnan said...

Interesting thoughts there. Mind is like a monkey that jumps from branch to branch of a tree. The thought flow cannot be arrested. But we can try to chanelize it to positive aspects which will result in better appreciation of life. Negative thoughts achieves nothing.