Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Which yoga is suitable for you?

There are various types of yoga. I wonder whether all of the yoga positions existed in ancient India. Therefore, you obviously need to choose the one that is suitable for your body to get the optimum benefits.

Of course I agree that all forms of yoga will be beneficial but not for all. You must accept this bitter fact. Most of the aspiring people reach out for Yoga in order to maintain their body in a flexible mode irrespective of the age of the body. All types of yoga exercises will always focus on the physical fitness of your body and it also happen to instill certain calmness in us thus creating a balance in the mind and body while helping to increase flexibility and fitness at the same time.

Bikram Yoga
Have you ever heard of about Bikram Yoga? It is an extreme form of Yoga where the exercises are carried out in heated rooms where the temperature would be set at 95 degrees. Naturally, beginners would bolt out of the heated room. Therefore, it is only for those who have already mastered the art of Yoga and want to enhance their physical fitness further.

What is the exact benefit of Bikram Yoga.?

While there are many people who believe that performing Bikram yoga under testing conditions is detrimental to their well being; people who prefer Bikram yoga on a regular basis believe that the increased temperatures help to relax and cleanse their body.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the standard form of yoga that you will find everywhere commonly. Everyone begins at this form of Yoga but nearly 90% of them never complete it. Because Hatha Yoga teaches you the basic types of yoga poses, it is the best form of yoga for those who have not done any form of this exercise thus far.

Hatha suits people of all ages as it teaches many useful poses slowly so that the body attains an excellent flexibility in about 4 months.

Vinyasa Yoga
After doing Hatha Yoga for about two months if you feel confident of taking it up at a faster pace, then Vinyasa Yoga is the next step. Vinyasa yoga which is taught at a faster pace focuses a lot on breathing during along with movements.

Are there more forms of Yoga?

Yes of course. There are many more variations of yoga. I have only written about three yoga forms. Nevertheless, yoga in any form helps you to attain supreme fitness of body and mind. Yoga and Meditation goes hand in hand for extraordinary benefits.

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