Monday, May 23, 2011

How to measure the strength of your positive beliefs.

I have written a lot about removing some of the beliefs that would change your life for the better. I also firmly believe in this fundamental concept of law of universe.

Here are two of my articles on removing negativity that were published in Ezine Articles:

How to remove detrimental images from your mind?

5 Steps to Eliminate Negative Thinking

The latest blog post in this blog attarcted a couple of meaningful comments. In one of them, there was a mention about measuring the strength of changed beliefs. I never thought of this. Yes, we all can change our beliefs positively with the help of affirmations and other mind power tools.

Any new positive belief must be really strong to get the benefit out of it. So, how do we the strength of the new beliefs?

The comment said above contained a link to The website is selling a product that would help you to measure the strength of changed bellief.

You would be asked to answer a series of questions which would in turn reveal the strength of your new belief.

Hmmm... must be good and useful too.
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