Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is the real meaning of celebration?

At the outset, I sincerely thank Sherry who gave meaning to my small moments of happiness. She taught me to celebrate such moments of happiness that I have stopped doing long ago.

I don't celebrate my birthday, wedding anniversary and rare email notifications of payment received received from Paypal. Her blog post on 'celebrating' rekindled my desire to celebrate. I read it on the day when one of my internet marketing effort brought a sale.

While I never fail to wish my friends on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries, I don't wish myself on such annual occasions.

As she right said, we always have something to celebrate. As we grow old, nothing good or bad seems to matter to us. We take everything in our stride and move on.

Sherry's words that celebration is a form of gratitude made a lot of sense. By celebrating, we acknowledge our effort.

I quote Sherry below:
" celebrating is a form of prayer, a way of saying “Thank you, God” for the gifts we’ve been given".

Thank you Sherry. You are an angel.
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