Monday, February 14, 2011

What happens in your brain when you think?

By now, I see a change in the entire world in the outlook of people in all class. There is a growing awareness about many laws of universe such as law of attraction, the power of affirmations, how a feeling of gratitude uplifts one's inner self etc.

Still, I believe there are people who would seek proof before they would like to follow and practice these laws on universe. For example, many would surely like to believe and practice the law of attraction by programming their habitual thoughts that they give life to all day long.

Here what the physical science says about what happens in your brain when you think something new:
New learning cause physical changes in brain cells. When stimulated by new information, brain cells actually grow branches (dendrites), leading to new connections.

This occurs when we start believing in our ability to achieve what we desire. As you focus on these thoughts, brain starts to build a network of new connections changing the physical linkages in your brain.

This is what I read in a book titled, "21 days to success"
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Bjorn Lestrud said...

I appreciated this post. Are you a fan of Bob Proctor from The Secret? If so, please enjoy a free book "You Were Born Rich" -

Malathy said...

Yes. I like Bob's works. Thanks for the link. Wishes man!