Friday, February 18, 2011

Law of Attraction explained in 2 words.

I have seen raised eyebrows, wry smiles and discreet glances among audiences who have willingly gathered at Law of Attraction seminars. I know they don't believe in the basic law of universe but still they attend for what purpose I don't know.

Let me put in just two words about law of attraction.
"Mental Pictures"

We all think in images only. We don't imagine talking to space-we imagine talking to someone at a specific place and time.

We imagine what dress we wear, we visualize the reaction of the person to who we are talking to, we visualize our own emotion on imagining the reaction.

The possibilities of explaining the "mental picture" are endless.

The fundamental law of Universe based on which it function is the law of attraction.
The law brings to you in reality, the pictures you hold in your mind. It doesn't care about the positive or negative aspect of your mental picture.

So, the forming of pleasant and constructive mental picture is essential to attract what you want. I know it is difficult to form a positive image and hold it for 19 more seconds. Our subconscious mind with all its pre-programmed negativity will interefere and quickly replace the positive and pleasant pictures in our mind.

I very firmly believe this simple visualization software will fully replace all the negative and destructive grooves in your subconscious mind so that you don't habitually fall in the negative mood in the midst of trying hard to be positive.

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