Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anger management for teenagers.

That was my topic for the last week parents' meeting. The topic was chosen by me because, of late, I noticed a growing trend among my students to be provoked to the chore at the slightest remark on their exam marks.

I am shocked to note that students these days can't tolerate their teachers and parents.

I think in the contemporary society, teenagers are often forced to be self-protective. The daily challenges in schools, on the street, inside the malls, the youth and children face myriad obstacles. Overcoming all of them makes their life stressed and they quickly lose their tolerance level.

If anger is not controlled, it can take over the life of the individual. We all witness scenes of yelling and screaming, jostle people around indecently when people are in anger.

I am an advocate of self-discipline. I firmly believe that anger can be controlled by constant reminders about how they look when in anger. Even a very beautiful face turns ugly when contorted in anger.

Still, parents have a role to play in shaping up their children. They cannot wash up their hands blaming the society, which is really made up of you and me.

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