Saturday, February 26, 2011

You can't be enlightened!

If you think you can get enlightenment by doing penance in the hills, thus emulating sages of yesteryear, then you are likely to be disappointed. Though doing penance was a way to attain enlightenment, it truly belongs to thee ancient times when worldly distractions were far less.

Enlightenment is interpreted in so many meanings but to me it means the realization of self. And what does it lead to do? Rather, what does it imply?

It implies that you are a piece of God (your source, your creator) and you should display Godly qualities in your daily life in this world.

During current times, you only have to allow enlightenment to get you and not the other way. This means, you should be mentally prepared to be enlightened and follow certain ways of living daily.

You see a lack of photo here depicting the enlightenment. I deliberately avoided it. Images of enlightenment will only condition your mind and make you set them as your goal.
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