Monday, February 07, 2011

Are you brave?

The universal misconception about bravery is to do heroic deeds as we watch in movies and television serials.

To me, bravery means self honesty. It means accepting frankly our weaknesses and mistakes. But do we do that always? Obviously not. We are not brave enough to accept our shortcomings even to ourselves. How then we can expect others to be like that?

Instead of looking at ourselves, we look at the back of everyone and blaming the whole world and want the world to change! To change the world, the first obvious step is to be taken by us.

I am no exception to this trait. I see plastic garbage everywhere in my city. I can see mountains of it along the railway tracks and garbage bins. Still, I also throw away dangerous plastic bags in the garbage sack.

I don't carry proper bags when I go to buy vegetables and accept gladly the goods in polythene bags given by the vegetables vendor. Nevertheless, I am worried about global warming, deteriorating ecological conditions etc. What a contradiction!

I may be brave at least by accepting my mistakes but what is the use?
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