Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The simplest block for law of attraction.

* It is ignored;
* It is overlooked
* It is not remembered
* It is not recognized

So, what is the 'it'?
Self love. This is the most fundamental quality to attract your desires and wants. Unfortunately, this simplest thing is not applied with all the above four metrics.

Yes, I know you strongly protest saying, "Who would not love thy self, after all, are we all not self centered"?

Yes we are but not always! Do I see you nod?
There are several times in day we let our temper take over us. We curse at others while we travel, in our office and in our home. These curses are at times self directed.

When we do that, we put ourselves at the repelling end of the basic law of universe which is attraction. In other words, we attract more such bad moments and we end up cursing more!

Got it!
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1 comment:

The Dream Guide said...

i have found, if you start loving others, and always being nice to others, even if its a lie at first, the pattarn will set and u will be good.