Friday, January 14, 2011

What is auric clearing?

Aura-that invisible atmosphere that also is also called a small area that borders every human being is a sort of metric to measure one's spiritual vibrations. The spiritual energy that is emanated by us all extends up to a certain area around us; the more area that that is filled up with our aura, the more spiritually advanced we are.

If one's aura is short, then he is to have blocks-negative vibrations that also hinders his overall awareness, alertness and spiritual growth. So, one needs to undergo auric clearing in order to live a life of peace, benevolence and prosperity.

Experience auric ring readers will be able to tell about you the moment they come into your auric ring that is said to contain 7 levels as below:
1. Physical Auric Body
2. The Etheric Aura Body
3. Vital Auric Body
4. Astral Body
5. Lower Mental Auric Body
6. Higher Mental Auric Body
7. Spiritual Body

I read that the most effective auric clearing method is listening a particular music composed at a certain vibration.

There is also this thing called spiritual energy leakage. This when exists, needs to be plugged immediately.

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