Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I was lured into the golden game.

I would say I was lured into the golden game. For long, I strongly resisted the temptation to buy gold bullion to sell later for a profit. However, I fell into the ring after reading a series press releases of the United States Gold Bureau.

Every word in them made sense to me but still I watched the bullion market from the side. The local newspapers too played their role in recruiting me to join the players of commodity market.

Another strong reason that bullied me was the news report that Indian consumers’ gold buying spree pushed the price of the gold on the bourses. Emotionally, I too wanted to be a contributor to this global economic trend.

I cleared up my wallets and lockers, sold a few silver utilities and ordered straightaway an ounce of shining gold bar.

That happened 6 weeks ago. On paper, I am in a small profit already.

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