Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have you appointed the universal manager?

I appointed my universal manager. I give work to him (yes, not her) (Smile) daily and he obediently carries it out to my full satisfaction.

You too can appoint your own universal manager. I am not kidding dear. It is true and he does work for everybody who has faith in him.

Whenever you struck for ideas or solutions, whenever you are not able to decide on something, just delegate the work him and relax. There is absolutely no need to squeeze your small and limited mind to come up with what you want.

Though Universe is our master, it can also be our servant. The universal manager has unlimited potential to solve our so called problem.

How do you do this?
* There is no need to sit in a secluded place and pray fervently.
* There is no need to write down your problem on a piece of paper and let it fly away in the space to reach the universal manager.
* There is no money involved; yes you need not pay any salary to your universal manager.
* Just your wish is sufficient. It will be heard or felt by him and he immediately goes about fulfilling it.

Want a proof? Just try it and the see the result. That is your proof and when you have that, please make a comment to this post for the benefit of others.

I mean it. That is the power of your thoughts. Law of attraction at its obedient best.
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1 comment:

Hemal said...

I agree Malathy,

And what I'd say is ask ask and ask and let go of the how and the details, let any of that go from your vibration and make it pure about what you are wanting
Kind of like asking God or the Universe for something, you KNOW they can deliver, let go of the details, just focus on the experience and the creation of what you want (that's where the creative power is (wink))